Introduction to PSPC



On completion of the training program, the student will be awarded:

→ A Certificate of Introduction to PSPC, issued by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore.

The Certificate of Introduction to PSPC, is obtained after completing the course and passing the online test.


This training course provides a general introduction to the Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC).

Whom the course is for

The course Introduction to PSPC is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings. This may include Ship Managers, Technical Superintendents, Ship Masters, Officers and Seafarers; Offshore Units Operators and Technical Staff, Shipyards Technical Staff; Surveyors; P&I and/or Insurance Inspectors; etc.


On completion of the training, students will be able to:

  • Understand the main objectives of the IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings.
  • Know the Statutory and Classification requirements for new constructions.
  • Know the requirements for in-service maintenance, repair and re-coating.
  • Know the key Stakeholders and their roles.
  • Understand the contents of the Coating Technical File.

Course Contents

Why was the performance standard needed?

Objectives of the PSPC

Key dates

Statutory and Class requirements

Primary surface preparation and shop priming

Steelwork and edge preparation

Surface preparation and shop primer removal



Key stakeholders

  • Shipowners
  • Shipbuilders
  • Paint Manufacturers
  • Classification Societies

Coating technical file

  • Contents
  • Review
  • Maintenance and repair